Saturday, 10 March 2012

Visitors at High Tide

When there is a high tide we become an island (Pete's van is just about okay but the other car is very definitely under water!), so there is only one way for people to visit. The pictures are of Billy leaving and Alex arriving. You can see why I want shares in Yorkshire Tea!!!!


  1. What fun, Fran! I rather like the adventure of it all. Is that other car that's under water going to be alright?

  2. That's brilliant...what a way to have guests over!

    I'd be a bit concerned about my vehicle sitting in all that salt water though...

  3. Looks like the quay sides need building up Um' am I missing something because am not seeing why you need shares in Yorkshire tea - please explain ;-)

  4. Val - the car probably will be okay if they hose it down underneath to get rid of the salt water. There are signs saying 'Road liable to flood' but folk choose to ignore it.
    Tana - it is a fun way to get about and the weather was lovely today for playing about on the water.
    Mel - sorry that was bit obscure! I meant because we have so many visitors dropping in for a cup of tea.

  5. Hi there....not sure where i came across your site...but I love that you are living on a barge. I lurked around here a bit to see where you are located and some of the work that you have already done and are doing. I have done a ton of boating in my lifetime....although have never lived on one fulltime. What an adventure!!!



  6. Cars in salt water, Fran? Reminds me of tourists in the Mexican town where my parents wintered for many years. They would say "Oh, I have 4-wheel drive, I'll be fine" when people told them not to drive out on the sand at low tide. Then they'd get stuck, and we'd all have the fun of watching their (usually new) 4x4s get wet to the gunwales (if they had them, which they don't) at high tide, and watching the tow truck bring them in at the next low tide.
    Happened over and over, but tourists never listen. I won't say especially Americans, because I have many American blogging friends, and the tide did come in over a few Mexicans and even the odd (very odd) Canadian.

  7. Hi Jo, welcome aboard! I have had a quick look at your blog and will be back for more later. Looking forward to getting to know you better xxx

  8. Kay - lol we also consider it our Sunday sport to see the cars under water. The trouble is if you suggest they park elsewhere they look at you like you are mad or just being awkward (worse they reply that they will park where they bloody like!) xxx