Saturday, 27 February 2016

Galley Update

Pete is going great guns and the galley is really coming together.  We bought a small butler sink and ended up receiving three, the seller said it would be too expensive to return them so we could keep them.  My son is going to make good use of them in his new kitchen.  We also bought the most beautiful solid wood, walnut worktop.  The colours in it are amazing, but I can't show you that until next week when it is fitted.  Mum is out of hospital and doing really well, she said to thank you all for your good wishes.  I am loving working only two days a week, although on two of my off days this week I was on babysitting duty, not that I am complaining about that in any way!

My IKEA trolley has had its own little chubby hole built.  In the trolley are all the bits you need for everyday cooking eg oils, herbs & spices, stock cubes etc, it's all ready to pull out and use.  In the past these things have cluttered up the worktop, but I think this is a tidier option.  You can just about see the brown sauce.  Can't stand the stuff personally, but Pete says it has to be Daddies sauce or not at all, is there really such a difference?  I now need to put labels on top of the spice jars so that I easily see what they all are.

This is where the dishwasher and washing machine are going to live.  Can you see my lovely little sink tucked under the old worktop?  I don't need a big sink in the galley as I have a deep, full sized butler sink in the pantry for washing big pots and things.  I am going out in a minute to choose some taps, what a rock and roll life I lead!  Speak soon and enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Saturday, 20 February 2016


My life for the three weeks before half term has been - get up - go to work early to keep up with everything, work, leave work bang on time, one hour drive to hospital, sit with mum for a while, one hour drive home, eat, sleep, repeat!  Thank heavens for Pete cooking a meal every night that I can eat as soon as I walk in the door, whatever time of night.  Mum had her heart operation on Thursday and is now on the road to recovery.  She is out of intensive care and into the high dependency ward, so all good.  Everyone at the hospital has been amazing, from the porters to the consultants.  And yes,  Jeremy Hunt, she has had seven-day-a-week care during the last five weeks.  I wonder if he's worked such long shifts every day including the weekends?  My thoughts about that man are just not printable

Anyway, Pete has been getting on with the kitchen fitting.  He has taken down a bulkhead and opened up the whole galley area.  Spot the difference.

He has started the first cupboard which will house the ironing board (which I never use) the vacuum (which I reluctantly use) and cleaning stuff ( mainly used when people are visiting).  Goodness that makes me sound terrible, I am honestly not that slovenly!

The other units will be under the worktops which will run each side of the cooker.  The 'hole' in this one is for the microwave. Eventually the table and chairs will live down here and the sofas etc will be in the wheelhouse.   I cannot wait for it to be finished so that I can finally unpack all my kitchen stuff that has been in storage for the last few years.  Next week I go back to work but only Mondays and Fridays, so once mum is out of hospital I will have more time for my much neglected allotment, healthy cooking, grandchildren and all the things I love (oh and some housework of course) xxx

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Finished! (Well Almost)

Here are the cupboards (lockers) that Pete has been working on.  Just the architrave to go now, but I think he is going to do that when he does the rest of the galley.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the knobs have numbers on. This is so that when Pete says "where is......?" I can say cupboard number three, I am so good to him!!!  Actually, I love quirky things and all the door knobs throughout the boat are different and a bit whacky - a bit like me!

Only one more week, seven more wake ups, until I cut down from this ridiculous workload, I cannot wait!  Unfortunately my mum has been in hospital for the last two weeks.  She is going to have a new valve put in her heart on Wednesday.  She is in Basildon Hospital's Cardiac Unit, which is one of the best in the country and who have looked after my Dad so well on several occasions in the past, so we are very confident.  Cutting back on my workload has come at just the right time to give me the time to help look after my mum when she gets out of hospital.  Things always happen for a reason.  Speak soon everyone xxx