Saturday, 9 February 2013

Barges Update

Pete has been putting more shelves up in the pantry. Basically it is done now until we put the butler sink in and cabinets. The other picture is of the starboard side of the boat where the washing machine and grey water tanks are going. Then he moves onto the bathroom. Work continues......

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lovely Greens

My blogging pal, Tanya, from the Lovely Greens blog has just launched her web shop for her wonderful handmade bath and beauty products. As she says:

Lovely Greens is handmade soap and bath & beauty products from that misty island in the Irish Sea - the Isle of Man. Our products are made with pure ingredients including rich and moisturising oils, Manx beeswax and honey, essential oils, and natural colours derived from plant, flower and mineral sources.

I have tried some of her soaps and her lip balm and can personally guarantee how lush they are and how beautifully divine they smell. Pop over to her site at and have a look. And then don't forget to pay a visit to her blog at In fact, go there first and you can find a discount code for her products. Happy reading and shopping x

Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy Birthday Kerry

There is nothing like having a few connections!!! Last week was Kerry's birthday (sorry I couldn't get online last week Kerry).  Stuart surprised her with a visit to this certain address.  Unfortunately, no one was at home so Kerry couldn't tell David or George what she thought about them!  Then they went off to the football - Arsenal V Liverpool.  Kerry supports Arsenal and Stuart Liverpool.  Luckily it was a draw - so no marital discord!!!  Sorry it's late Kerry, but Happy Birthday xxx