Sunday, 25 January 2015


I have three boys and very handsome young men they are too!  For a long time I was a single mother, the sole wage earner and a university student at the same time.  I am a strong woman who can do most things I put my mind to.  I have always had left wing, feminist tendencies and I actively campaign against injustice to people and animals.  I believe in equality for all and embrace diversity. Education is the cornerstone of a civilised world and should be a basic right for everyone.  I have taught my sons that their partners are just that;  their equal partners whose ideas and values should always be respected.   I am not a girlie girl, I am happier in jeans with no make up on.  I think that spending fortunes on lotions and potions and brand names is a complete waste of money.  So why, why, why at the first opportunity do I go out and buy all the pink I can find for my granddaughters!!!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Welcome Jessica!

Just a quick post to introduce you to Jessica, born at 1102 this morning and weighing in at 7lbs 4oz.  She is so beautiful and just perfect.  Kerry and Stuart are going to make such wonderful parents and Jessica will be a great playmate for Scarlett, along with the next grandchild due next Monday!  I am loving my growing family.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Still and Silent

By first light, the decks were icy and the world around us was covered with a beautiful, but freezing frost. The skies are grey and damp permeates your body as you walk along the sea wall.  There is not a whisper of wind and the incoming tide is strangely still.  There is not one other soul around and you feel as if you could be the only person in the world.  The mist has now descended on the water giving it an eerie covering, just as you imagine the River Styx would be.  The forecast for later is stormy and windy, but for now the world is silent and still.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone

Well, what a year that was!  There were certainly plenty of highs and lows. 

We had my son and daughter in law's amazing wedding.  Scarlett has been a source of delight and joy.  We have the excitement of two more babies in the VERY near future.  I was 'forced' out of my job, but now have a job that I enjoy that also gives me more time to do the things that I want to do.  My wonderful husband is still working hard to make all my dreams come true.  My parents have had a year of good health and are able to enjoy their growing family.  I love living on our barge and every day appreciate our beautiful surroundings.

will now admit that I spent a chunk of the year with the big black dog sitting beside me  (or in a state of depression for those that don't know that expression).    Depression can be a debilitating illness and it doesn't care who it takes in its grip (look at Robin Williams as an example).  I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I am just trying to raise awareness.  It is not a case of 'buck your ideas up', so please if you know anyone who is suffering, just a hug or taking time to listen can make all the difference.  I have suffered over the years quite a lot with depression, but this year it was different.  Although the black cloud was lurking, I was able to hold it at bay as I actually have a good life now.  I am able to count my blessings and recognise that there are many who are a lot worse off.  I love living on the barge, I adore my growing family and I have good friends around me.  This was the year that I was able to embrace the black dog without letting it suffocate me and that was a success in itself.

So, 2014 with its wonderful moments and its challenges is behind us and 2015 is shaping up to be a good one.  So I will leave you with a couple of photos that define my wonderful life and wish all of you a Happy, Contented and Successful New Year xxxx

Thursday, 4 December 2014


I am so angry about what this Conservative/Liberal government has done to our National Health Service.  They have cut funding so far that there is now not enough clinical staff to give even a very basic service.  
My Daughter in Law is eight months pregnant and is unfortunately in hospital with pneumonia and pleurisy.  The treatment she is getting is absolutely appalling and it is purely down to staff shortages.  She should be getting pain killers every 4 hours, she is lucky if she gets them every six hours, which means she is often left in severe pain.  The necessary antibiotics are given when the staff gave time, not when prescribed.  Nobody has even queried the fact that she has not eaten for days, in fact despite the fact that she is very dry and has a sore throat from constant coughing, she is being given toast or sandwiches.  So now we are taking her in food that she can eat.
She has been left naked on the bed for hours, until her mother arrived to cover her up, so distressing for anyone.  They send two young men to give her a bed bath. WTF is that all about?  No woman would like the indignity and humiliation of that.  She did send them away and waited for her mother to give her a wash.
If she needs help and pushes the buzzer, it goes unanswered as the staff just do not have the time. I do not blame the staff, they are doing their very best under difficult circumstances and many eventually collapse under the stress and go sick themselves.  If you don't have family or friends support, you are just left to get on with it as the staff don't have time for the 'extras' like feeding, washing etc.  And the lovely sympathy and understanding that you need when you are sick has just gone, there isn't time for a patient to be treated as an individual. 
Our health service has deteriorated so far that we come behind third world countries in several areas of healthcare. Yet it used to be the pride of Great Britain and the envy of the world.  I can only assume that this government wants it to get so bad that they can say that they have no alternative but to privatise it. Then heaven help anyone who is poor if they get sick, it doesn't even bear thinking about.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Laying Up

I posted a while back about the high ropes that Fellowship Afloat had built to entertain the kids when they couldn't sail.  Well, this weekend is Laying Up weekend and the high ropes took on a completely different use.  Laying Up is basically putting the boats and the yard to bed for the winter.  Volunteers come from all over and do lots of different jobs.  The boats are washed and parked in their winter berths, sail lofts are washed down, paths weeded, gangplanks pressure washed and so on and on.  All the sails are washed and are ready for drying and this is where the high ropes came in to their own......

Someone obviously had a stroke of genius.  The absolutely glorious, summery weather we are having certainly helped in getting those sails dry.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Poppies at the Tower

We got up early this morning and drove up to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London.  They were certainly worth the visit.  The poppies are absolutely beautiful.  It is quite a stark reminder of the huge amount of people who lost their lives in World War One and is very moving to see.  I was not the only one who was moved to tears.  Such a simple idea but an amazing memorial.

Alfie came too and wore his poppy red collar and lead as a tribute to the fallen.

For my blogger pals that don't know, the poppies are ceramic and each one represents an individual from the UK and Coomonwealth who lost their live in WWI.  The poppies are on sale for £25 each with all the money going to veterans charity.  Once the poppies are removed later in the year, the buyer will get his/her poppy sent to them along with a commemorative certificate.