Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beginning to look like home.

We are still living in a building site, but we are trying to make it more like a home.  Here are pictures of the 'snug' with comfy chairs and the wood burner.  It is still a novelty to sit in an armchair rather than on the bunks of the yacht and the wood burner gives off some serious heat and dries the washing beautifully!

But what I am really excited about is my new cooker.  The LPG gas is being fitted to it today and after three years of basically cooking on a camping stove, I really cannot wait to start cooking properly.  I love cooking and entertaining.  I have promised Pete a roast dinner tonight but who knows what other culinary delights I can conjure up, cookery books here I come!!!!  I wish I could invite every one of you to dinner tonight xxx