Friday, 20 February 2015

A Quick Peek

Don't tell Pete as he doesn't like me showing off pictures of his work until they are complete but here is a quick peek of what he is up to at the moment. I thought you deserved a look. He is building my office, hurrah!  Two walls will be lined with book shelves (another one to go up shortly) and you can see the makings of a cupboard there too.  My desk will go against the bulkhead.  When we eventually get the barge moving, it will be a fairly simple job to put a wooden bar across the books to keep them in place when we are sailing.   There is not much headroom, but as I am a little one (in height at least) it is fine for me.  There will also be space for a cot/toddler bed so that my lovely grandchildren can come and stay.  It is not such an easy job as the shelves have to be made to fit the curve of the boat, but Pete is clever like that :)  I am sorry that I have been a bit MIA in blog land recently but I have been trying to finish one job whilst working at my new job too.  That has come to an end now so I hopefully will have a little more time to catch up on what you've all been doing.  Take care xxxx