Saturday, 17 March 2012

Party Pooper :(

Yesterday I was told off by the doctor for going to work this week and not giving my foot a chance to get better. Now I am under strict orders to keep my foot up and Pete is making sure I do! (Don't tell him but I will do as I am told as my foot is actually feeling worse!). Anyway, I missed Dave's 50th birthday party last night and tonight I am going to miss Chris's 50th party. Happy Birthday guys! I was supposed to have next week as leave to get the allotment ready and now I am on the sick! Can you tell yet that I am feeling sorry for myself!! Worse still, there is no chocolate anywhere on the boat to console me!!! Please can someone please tell Pete that, even though I told him not to get me any no matter how much I begged because I am on a diet, chocolate is very very good for an infected foot!


  1. Now who'd have guessed you'd go back to work without healing? Why is no one surprised? Probably because we've all done the same thing at one time or another. Workaholics become bloggers. Lazy people can't be bothered.
    But, "Hey, Pete! Chocolate is the only thing that will cure an infected foot, really, truly."
    And Fran, I love the photo of you in your pink hair curlers lying down to heal your foot. LOL

  2. Thanks Kay and I have passed on your message to Pete, but he's not convinced yet! Glad you like picture, note the uneaten cakes!

  3. Oh you poor thing. Fran I hope your foot gets better soon.

    I'd forget the diet until then.

    And I do understand sometimes YOU NEED CHOCOLATE!

    Tell Pete Mr Sft is often told by me that there must be NO MORE CHOCOLATE IN OUR COTTAGE TO TEMPT ME...But he always has the secret stash FOR EMERGENCIES.. AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT!

    Sft x

  4. Poor you, Fran. But as long as you have the prescribed dose of chocolate every day, I'm sure you will be on both feet asap!

  5. Sft - I think your hubby needs a chat with Pete to tell him that although we say don't give us chocolate we dont necessarily mean it!
    Val - a friend saw my plea and bought some round, so that lets Pete off the hook, for today anyway!

  6. What a bummer! Hope you heal quickly.