Saturday, 12 March 2016

Happy Saturday!

Morning everyone.  It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, but getting running water in the galley has made me ecstatic!  Do you know how much more convenient it is to fill a kettle, drain the cooked veggies, wash fruit and veg etc etc from two paces away rather than walk to pantry or bathroom, especially if carrying a pan full of boiling water.  Mind you, I guess it has cut down on my daily exercise!
So here is a picture of the taps that have made my life so much easier.  I also now have a tiled backsplash but they are not grouted yet so I will wait until they are finished before I show you them.

Whilst hunting in the engine room (where Pete keeps all sorts of odds and sods) for some white emulsion as a base coat for the walls, Pete found a huge great big tin of Farrow and Ball paint that he had left over from a job.  When we opened it, it turned out to be a beautiful green/blue colour which will be absolutely perfect for the units.  He reckons that it has saved us about 80 quid, certainly not an insignificant saving, I'm glad I liked the colour so much or there could have been a disagreement.

Mum is doing great, I cannot believe how well she is doing considering it is not so long ago that she had major surgery.  She is already seeing the benefits of her new heart valve in her breathing and mobility.  Once her ribcage get back to normal, she will feel like a whole new woman :)

Finally, I did really well for Mother's Day from all my lovely boys, but just look how these lilies have opened out, they are really beautiful.  I have them in the bedroom as the kitchen is still in a state, so they are the first thing I see every morning.  Not a bad sight for sore eyes xxx