Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Afternoon everyone, I would like you to meet Daisy who was born a week ago.  She is absolutely beautiful and the perfect baby who only wakes once in the night to be fed.  Her older brother Bobby is being very helpful and has completely taken a new sister in his stride ❤️

I am on the last few days of working this term and am seriously looking forward to the holidays.  We are planning a trip to Wales and then I am off to Edinburgh to visit a friend.  I am hoping to take in some of the Edinburgh Festival.  Apart from the arrival of Daisy, we have had my Mum's 80th Birthday and shortly we have Mum and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I have organised the telegram from the Queen for them, but unfortunately she can't come to the party!  For my overseas friends, the telegram is a real thing and is sent to everyone celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.  So things are quite busy round here.

The allotment is going great guns and at the moment I have broad beans coming out of my ears.  I have spent many hours recently podding and freezing the blasted things (although I do love them really).  Soon it will be the tomatoes turn and then the runner beans.  Why can't the crops space themselves out a bit more?  Very inconsiderate.

I like to grow plants in pots on the barge decks and along the towpath, but watering them was a pain.  Seven watering cans a time up the stairs and out was killing my poor old back.  So my lovely husband put a double hose connection on the water tap/inlet and now my life is so much easier, he's not so bad I think I may hold on to him a while longer.

Two mornings a week I teach in Dovercourt and from the window I can see the sea and watch all the ships and yachts sailing by.  In this glorious weather it is absolute torture for me to be stuck inside, I just want to be out there on the water.  I love getting home and chilling on deck.  It is like being on permanent holiday and I really couldn't imagine living anywhere else.  Back soon folks xxx

Eldest and youngest granddaughters ❤️❤️❤️