Sunday, 6 September 2015

High Tide

We have had some really high tides over the last week.  When the tides are this high, the water comes over our affectionately named 'patio'.  I used to move all the plants, but most have finished flowering anyway and I have discovered that they really don't mind an occasional salt water soaking!  We also have to watch the time too as getting on and off the boat can be a problem.  Not just the wet feet bit, but the patio to barge gangplank becomes almost vertical and it's a bit like climbing a cliff face.  The highest tide actually came half way up the patio to shore gangplank, but that was an extreme tide.  There are normally only a couple of times a year that the tides are this high and we have another lot coming up in a couple of weeks.  Then we are going to have to move as the barge behind us needs to get out to go off for repairs in a dry dock.  That should be fun (sorry Pete, I should have said a pain!).  I will post pictures.
I am staying with my mum at the moment as Dad is in hospital, but he is now absolutely fine and we are hoping that he will be home tomorrow.  I forgot to bring my ipad charger so am having to limit my time online.  I will catch up with you all soon.  Take care xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Following on from my last post, perhaps not the best title!  But now the light mornings and nights have passed I have finally got bedroom curtains.  Okay, I know, they will keep the room warmer in the winter, so no need for sarcasm.  
Our windows are small and high and presented a problem.  I didn't want pull across curtains as the windows are too small and close together and the size also ruled out blinds.  Sue, our neighbour, came up with the idea of hanging them above the windows on two small hooks and then unhooking one side by day and leaving to drape.
Mum and Dad had bought some lovely full length, lined, ready made curtains for their lounge but one set were too small.  However, the material was perfect for our bedroom, so they donated them to our worthy cause and went and bought another set in the right size.  Sue cut them up, sewed a pole into the hems and added two rings to each.  They work beautifully.
I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, but the light was all wrong and it really doesn't do the curtains justice.  Mind you, we are sleeping later which is not such a good thing! Now to finish the paintwork :)