Thursday, 29 March 2012

View From The Window

I am very lucky that we have some wonderful green space all around us at work. If we look out of the windows we quite often see deer, foxes, woodpeckers etc. My office looks out over a courtyard garden and I get to see a great variety of birds. Colin, our plumbing instructor, has put these bird feeders up in my window to try to encourage them to come a little closer. It is great for the lads I teach as many of them come from towns and cities and have had a tough life, so the countryside offers a little bit of peace.

I have had a giggle this afternoon. A blue tit was rifling through the seed feeder throwing seed everywhere until he found a peanut. He flew off, ate it and promptly did it again. More seed on the floor than in the feeder now!!


  1. Well done Colin. Every little helps.

  2. What a lovely idea.

    Mr Sft actually puts out half peanuts for our 'fussy' great tits. They won't eat whole ones.

    Sft x

  3. I wonder if that is a regimental ensign in the background ?

  4. Birds are such fun to watch, and deer and foxes must really be great for the city boys!

  5. The birds make a mess of Mom's balcony with seeds and seed shells. But she (and her cat) love to watch the birds in the morning while they are waiting for me to get up. - Margy

  6. Datacreate - don't praise him too highly, he'll want paying!
    Sft - lol, that's called dedication!
    Mel - shhhhhhh!
    Gill - it is a little bit of a reward for having to go to work every day!
    Kay - the birds do cheer my day up.
    Margy - lol is the cat eyeing up his dinner!