Thursday, 15 June 2017

Early Summer Break

We have been off in the tent again and I bet you can't guess where from this photo!

We started the week in Chichester which is a beautiful city with some wonderful shops.  The countryside around was fabulous and Alfie was very, very happy on the beach.  The campsite was not so good but we had to stay a couple of nights because unfortunately we had a funeral to go to in Guildford.  My lovely Aunt Maureen passed away at the beginning of May.  She was very talented and artistic and made all the family's wedding cakes.  I like to think that she is now up there making cakes for the angels whilst giving them a good laugh regaling her adventures of bungee jumping, white water rafting etc.  RIP Maureen.

So once the funeral was done, we moved to Tenterden, to a lovely site in the countryside with woodland walks, so much more us.  We spent a few days chilling and exploring Rye, Dungerness and outlying villages.  We would certainly return as it is only an hour and a half from home and the area has a lot to offer.  The great thing about going to 'monied' areas are the quality of the charity shops, my type of shopping!  We didn't have a very good internet or phone connection and it was actually quite nice to be offline for a few days.

I didn't intend to watch the election but once the exit polls came out, that was it, an all nighter in front of the tv.  Jeremy Corbyn did so well and gave the Tories a real thrashing.  But what a mess it all is now, we must be the laughing stock of the world, even Trump has ditched us (mind you that could actually be counted as a badge of honour!).  I really hope that they get it sorted soon, this country is on its knees with austerity and cuts.  The cuts have come back to bite the Tories in light of all the tragic events that we have had recently.  So many people dying or injured, our thoughts must be with them all and their families.

We are waiting with much excitement for the birth of our newest granddaughter, any day now.  A little sister to Bobby, who will be considerably outnumbered with three girlie cousins.

I will spend Saturday morning catching up with all your blogs, but just wanted to check in so that you didn't think I'd disappeared again.  Speak soon xxx