Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hoovering Bees!

The conversation this morning went something like this ..."sorry I didn't call you back Mum, but I was in a jewellers hoovering up bees"... "WHAT?!!!"

And I was telling the truth! I was having a bee keeping lesson, when Alan received a call asking him to remove a swarm of bees from a jewellers in the High Street. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I jumped at the chance! When we got there, we got kitted out in our suits, boots and gloves and proceeded to Hoover up the bees. It's not quite as it seems, as the suction is very very gentle and the bees were collected in a large water bottle. When we had got them all (Alan reckoned about 20 - 25,000), well apart from the odd one or two, we took them back to the farm where they were fed and watered. Alan then popped them in to their nice new comfy hive and today they all seemed quite happy!

Now I am going to answer all the lovely comments that I got on my last post. I got this idea from my blogging pal Saving For Travel (pop over and have a look at her inspirational blog).

Datacreata - he is leaving us next week and already has a couple of commissions to start him off.
Kay - unfortunately there is a growing tide towards punishment not rehabilitation here too. Luckily I work in a unique detention centre where we have a duty to get our detainees ready for the 'outside'.
Mel - thank you, I do try to make a difference, it's very rewarding work.
SFT - we certainly did celebrate, it's great when the community gets together like that. I hope you don't mind me pinching your idea like this, I like the chatty feel to it. I will create a link to your blog as soon as I can (can't do it on the iPad!)
Connie - you do make a lovely couple. Pete and I are opposites - I'm the pretty, intelligent one, he's the talented skillful one!
Diane - Thank you, it will look splendid on the barge.
Tanya - wait until you see my swarm box!
Margy - shame you are not closer, a sign would look great on your cabin.
Growingthings - thank you and nice to meet you.
Sami - your comment about the sun, I think you have put the mockers on it, it's done nothing but rain since!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Welcome Sign

I work in a detention centre which has a craft workshop as part of the Education Centre.  This sign was a gift from a detainee who has been with us for some time and is about to leave.  The photo really does not do it justice at all, because it is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with it,  I gave the chap that made it a great big hug and kiss.  He said it was for the outside of the boat.  No way!  The salt water would ruin it, so it is going inside and will be the first thing that anyone coming on to the boat sees.  If you see this, thank you so much and we will miss you when you go.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

God Save the Queen (and my Mum & Dad)

To anyone who has just watched the Jubilee celebrations on the television, wasn't it wonderful.  The Queens's barge was magnificent and she looked absolutely stunning.  I felt sorry for the people in the 1000 boats in the parade of sail and all those spectators (1.2 million of them), they all must have got very wet, but I suppose it does make it very British!  Whether you support the Royal family or not (and I most certainly am a confirmed Royalist), she has done a marvellous job for 60 years, most of us would have long retired, and certainly a day like today is the opportunity to celebrate all that is great about Great Britain.

I will let you in to a secret....yesterday, my Mum and Dad met 60 years ago to the day.  I, for one, am certainly glad they did (!)  Isn't it wonderful that they are still together and enjoying life and their family and friends.  Well done you two and lots of love from us xxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Let's Party Part Two

Tollesbury has three days of events planned for the Jubilee and the village is awash with red, white and blue flags.  Today there was a tug of war, a 5km fun run, a childrens party, the music festival with various stalls, a flower festival and peels of bells from the local church.  Here are some more images of the day:

The turn out was amazing, I reckon most of the village was there: youngsters, families and the older generation all with their chairs, umbrellas, picnics and the odd bottle of beer and wine!
There were belly dancers....
five bands, one modern choir and a soloist....
Sumo wrestling, bbqs, tombola, childrens events, tea and cakes, darts competitions, fish and chip van, beer tent, Pimms tent, RSPB stall, face painting, craft stalls and much, much more....
The church was filled with the most amazing flowers from all the associations and clubs in the village.  This one was made by the pre-school and was made up of hand painted hands...
This one was made by the scouts..
And this one was from the Women's Fellowship.  There was also one from the Gentlemen's lunch club which of course had a bottle of champagne and two glasses among the flowers!
If there is one thing that the Brits can do well, is organise a right royal knees up given half a chance!

Let's Party!

Tollesbury always has an annual music festival in August, but it has been bought forward for the Jubilee party. Free to attend, but all the money raised is for MacMillan nurses. Here are some images of the day and more to follow.