Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pan - The Floating Farm Shop

I read about the narrowboat Pan recently in Country Living and was fascinated.  Jane and her husband live on the narrowboat and own several acres of canal side farm land in Oxfordshire.  They are about as self-sufficient as you can get.  They grow their own fruit and veg, keep livestock and sell their produce.  Thirsty walkers can get a welcome rest in their tea garden alongside the barge and tuck into homemade cakes and scones.  Jane used to take her son to school in a pony and trap and tie the pony up in the supermarket carpark.   It sounds idyllic and inspirational.  Definitely somewhere that I intend to visit very soon,   There is more about Jane and her barge at Granny Buttons.  Granny Buttons blog is also worth a visit anyway, it is a very informative and interesting blog about life on the canals and other musings.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Outdoor Living

I have always been the sort of person who enjoys her home comforts, such as central heating, two showers a day, wash load every day, tumble drier, all my kitchen 'stuff' around me, etc etc.  I know that Pete was a bit worried that I would not like the reality of living on Carpe Diem and having to adapt to a 'rougher' style of living.  Well, the good news is that, not only was he wrong, but I absolutely love it!  There has been some having to adapt.  We do have hot and cold running water on the boat and a shower, but using that means that the water tank has to be filled more often.  Luckily, I have a shower room almost next to my office at work, so I just go in early and use that.  No one else does, so it is like having my own private bathroom.  There is also a washing machine and tumble drier at work that I can use.  I seem to have gone from clothes washing every day to two loads a week, but I am still wearing clean clothes and smelling sweet so I don't quite know how that has worked out! 
With only two rings and an oven and no freezer, I am cooking more simply and using fresh products.  Living on the boat is very much about 'outside living' and going to bed with the sun and waking up with the sun (with all the fresh air, sleep is definitely not a problem!).  Other exercise comes from walking the dog, it is really motivational when you just have to get off the boat to be on the sea wall.  With all that and working up at the allotment whenever possible, I am a lot more healthy than I was a year ago and definitely more relaxed and contented. Life is also a lot more sociable, so many people pop in for a cup of tea that I am thinking about taking out shares in Yorkshire Tea.   All in all, life is good at the moment and long may it continue.
A bbq on the boat with friends (the eagle-eyed amongst you may realise that is not Tollesbury but Dunkirk, but you get the idea!)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Anniversary Les and Megan

Some lovely friends of ours, Les and Megan, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary this week. I think it is wonderful that they have been together this long and obviously still love one another.  We have known Les and Megan for quite a number of years now and have been sailing together, got drunk together and generally created havoc together!!!  So, we know what a smashing couple they are and consider them good friends.  Unfortunately we couldn't make the  party, but we understand that everyone had a great night. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Les and Megan and here's to the next 50 years xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Happy Birthday Mum xxx

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday and last night we did what my Mum enjoys most in the world, we (all her children, grandchildren and partners) all went out for dinner.  It was a really fun night, lots of chatting, lots of playful banter and insults that only family can get away with and laughter.  The food wasn't great but that didn't deter from us all enjoying being together.  My Mum is my best friend.  She has always been there to support me and help in every way that she can from babysitting to buying me a weekly shop when I was a single very hard up mum.  Her and Dad have always played a huge part in my boy's upbringing and shaping them into the fine young men that they are.  I know that she is so proud of her children and grandchildren, but we all owe her a big thanks for making us into what we all are today.  Until very recent years my boys had three great grandparents and so they have never considered my mum and dad as 'the old ones' and still don't.  The boys have always valued their help, advice and support which they still readily provide today.  Mum worries about each and everyone of us and we say 'Oh Mum, (Nan) leave off' but we all secretly cherish being so loved.  I am very lucky to have a Mum and Dad like mine.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM, we all love you xxx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quick, I've got a Signal!!!

When the wind blows, or it rains, or the sun shines too much I do not get a signal with this daft dongle!  The internet has been down at work and the other internet at work doesn't let me comment or post or anything.  Everything has been working against me when it comes to blogging.  I apologise for the lack of posts and comments on your blogs, but please bear with me.  I have just discovered I have got a signal, so I thought that I would show you how the allotment is coming along. I am just about to have a salad for lunch using my home grown spring onions, radishes and salad leaves.  Hopefully this afternoon we are going to get some serious rain as we have missed out on the rain that the rest of the country seems to have had.  Hope you are all having a good weekend. Will go now as I feel I am beginning to push my luck, hopefully will be back soon.