Sunday, 11 March 2012

Getting Ready

I have managed to get an infection in my foot, so I am confined to barracks so to speak! But being stuck does give you the opportunity to catch up on some of those things that you are always going to do later. One job was sorting out my seed boxes and seeing what I need to buy for the growing season. The big box is veg seeds, the small box is for herbs and the round tin contains flower seeds. For mum's birthday last year I got her a year's subscription to Amateur Gardening magazine (the deal being that I get all the free seeds that she didn't use and the magazines when she had finished with them!). Nothing like thinking of yourself when buying someone a present! Anyway the good news is that I don't need to buy any seeds this year and I can probably supply most of the other allotment holders with all their seeds too!


  1. Hope your foot gets better soon, did you stand on something?

    You are very organised with your seeds. I used to be but last year got a new box and so far, I haven't organised them.

  2. Hi Datacreata, thanks. I haven't stepped on anything, how I got the infection is a mystery. I am not normally that organised, it's just the enforced grounding! X

  3. I get some gardening mags passed on to me by a good friend. We've got quite a collection of seeds aswell but DH always insists on buying more!
    Love from Mum

  4. hope your foot heals soon,

    I love giving magazine subscriptions as gifts.

    Gill in Canada

  5. I hope the type of infection isn't as mysterious as its origin, and that the doctors are doing something about it. Sounds dreadful, but if it leads to organization, it might be a good thing for me, too.

  6. Hope your foot heals quickly Fran!

    What are you planning to grow this year?

    Sft x

  7. Now that's a good deal for everyone. I saved my own bean and pea seeds for this year. All I'll need are onions sets, garlic and seed potatoes. - Margy

  8. Mum - free magazines are always good! I can always find an excuse to buy more too!
    Gill - thanks, I like receiving them too, that way birthdays last all year!
    Kay - I've got antibiotics so hoping they work. Bored now with it.
    Sft - thank you. I plan on growing everything as we like a wide variety of veg. New this year will be salsify and shallots.
    Margy - I saved some beans (French and runner) but we ate all the peas!

  9. Oh dear Fran, hope the foot is better now! Still, it's great that you can do something so very productive with your downtime, so to speak :)

  10. You are so organized with your seeds. At least I've started dating my leftover packets. Then I'm scared that they won't be good any more and end up buying more. Getting caught up after being away from the Internet for over a week. Hope the foot is better by now. - Margy