Friday, 19 March 2010

Vegetable Growing

I know that in the last post I said I intend growing fruit and vegetables on deck, but I really don't think I'll go as far as this!  Mind you it is fascinating concept, if it worked.


  1. By all accounts, the article you link to would tend to demonstrate that this is not such a hot idea after all. Back to the drawing board I guess.

  2. Hi Fran, its so funny but I think as you posted on my blog I was reading about the barge here :-)

    Personally I'm really impressed with this barge and found the follow up discussion to the article fascinating.

    The article seemed to me to focus on energy use but the heat is produced by waste cooking oil. Where would this have gone before? Also the writer was comparing the barge with open field growing mainly so what about the transportation costs?

    Also I think the educational benefits of this project are enormous because it shows so many urban dwellers what can be achieved. Lots of interesting stuff about rooftop growing in the discussion.

    Overall very interesting so thanks for the link.