Sunday, 14 March 2010

And now a floor!

Now I have floor in my office, albeit temporary. It actually makes the small space look quite large! Pete has to put insulation down and inspection hatches before the floor can be called permanent. But for now it can be used as a storage area if we do happen to sell the house.

I intend to grow as much fruit and veg on deck as I possibly can. To that end, this year I am experimenting with growing fruit and veg in pots, bags and anything else I can find. I have spent this weekend planting out Jerusalem Artichokes, potatoes and blueberries in pots. I already have garlic and red onions growing in wine bags. Upstairs the boys' bedroom windowsills have been taken over with seedlings of all sorts. I am aiming for the driveway to become a portable vegetable patch!


  1. Hey... so that computer will be working soon after all! How wonderful to be getting so much nearer to completion. I love the sound of your floating veggie patch and will be interested to follow your green fingers project. Any interest shown in the house from anyone? I spoke to an estate agent friend today who will be putting the word around for us, but he has warned us that about a year is what we must expect for anything to happen. Oh my.......

  2. We have actually taken the house off the market for the time being. We are putting in plastic windows, which is what people seem to want. Then we will put it back on and see what happens.

  3. How odd - plastic windows! I suppose that is because they are easier to maintain, right? Here it is almost unheard of to put plastic windows in a home, though on the mainland there are quite a few anodised aluminium ones. It could well be that there is a by-law here against plastic ones - I can only ever recall having seen them in wood in the city itself. They have always kicked up a real stink about recycled plastic mooring posts too, though there seems to be a slight relaxation on that one recently.