Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Sail Lofts

We are coming up for spring tides, so I thought I would show you what happens to Tollesbury when the tide comes up.  Most of the time that is a road outside the sail lofts until the water arrives.  We quite often see canoeists paddling up the road!!!!!  The sail lofts are unique and apparently the only other ones are somewhere in Canada.


  1. The opposite happens here... we worry when there is no water down our streets! A real hazard for the local emergency services when there is no water to get around town... and that is serious. Low tides here cause real problems.
    These sail lofts are so pretty - are they used as homes?

  2. Hi Janys, How are you today? Because the lofts are listed they are not allowed to be lived in. The lofts are used for various 'boaty' things, storage etc. The loft across the road is still used as a sailmaker's loft. Will post some pictures of that later.

  3. Janys, I like the idea that our two areas have such different views of the tide!!!!!!

  4. I'm fine, thanks Fran. Sitting on tenterhooks of course until some results come through, but far too much to be getting on with to sit and think about that!
    These raised floors in the sailing lofts remind me very much of the old wooden "baite" or homes in the mountains which are raised above ground on stilts to help keep the beasties away from their food and harvested crops. Often they put a great big stone at the lower end of the wooden pile to make it more difficult for the rodents to climb in. Don't suppose that would keep the tide out though! King Canute would probably confirm this theory...