Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lower Floor Plan

Okay I have managed to download a very simple plan of the area below decks.  If you click on the picture it will grow!

So, from left to right (and yes I know that it is not boat shaped, but my computer skills are not that good!):

Blank area -  Engine Room
Pantry and utility Areas (each 8'6'' x 4'6'')
Galley and dining areas (22' x 17'6'')
Small snug area for when it is too depressing to sit in the wheelhouse! (size included in galley area)
Bathroom (5' x 6')
Bedroom (11' x 17'6)
Office (8' x 15' decreasing)

Guests will be put up either in wheelhouse, where there will be two large bunks, or snug area, where there will be a sofa bed.  Large dining table will be tucked away under the deck area and pulled out on occasions.
Opposite the bathroom will be the coats, boots, dog lead etc etc area (behind doors eventually).

The wheelhouse will be 18ft x 12ft, so a fairly large living area.

Anything I have forgotten, I will mention as we go along.

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