Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pantry and Utility

Pete has spent the weekend cleaning the hull of the pantry and utility areas.  Here is the utility area uncleaned.

And here is the pantry area, all clean and almost ready for painting.  I am going down today to help finish this job and get it painted.  Easter weekend we plan on starting to cut the roof off. 


  1. What is planned that needs the roof cutting? All looks like an awful lot of hard (and dirty) work going on! And the funny thing is that here on tv yesterday they were telling us where everyone was going off to spend their Easter break. This one of yours obviously wasn't in the travel guide...

  2. Hi Janys, we are planning on raising the roof!!! Seriously, we want another foot of head room throughout and we are also going to put a wheelhouse up, so that the main 'lounge' area will be on deck. The bedroom area has a drop in headroom which I thought the bed could go under, but hubby having walloped his head a few times has decided that has to be raised too!! If I can work out how to cut and paste the plans I will post them later. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Hi Fran... thought it might be for something like that and I think we might have a similar problem. I have thought that having most of our day space up top will be a good idea too to make the most of the extra light and view (we hope!!!)
    Just having a bite of lunch then I think we will be off and about for a few hours. Have a good day yourself.