Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I am laying on the sofa feeling like death warmed up. So, to make myself feel better, I am dreaming about what the barge will look like. I quite fancy the idea of a staircase with a turn as a feature. What about these two?!

However, in reality I have learnt that carpets and boats don't go, especially when you add an Alfie dog into the mix! These two are a lot more practical and good looking to boot.


  1. the last one is very nice. what an exciting project you have!

  2. It is, but it is going to take sooooo long! Still, as they say if the journey is worth making.........

  3. Through your photos Fran I came across this web site which has hundreds of different staircases - more or less appropriate for life on board.

    I agree that the last one you have posted is probably the nicest "boat" staircase with that lovely warm tone of wood.

    When you dream of the stairs, are there sheep on them to count as well??? LOL

  4. Janys, I had a look at the website and aren't there some wonderful staircases on it, thank you. No to the sheep, usually handsome, young men!!!!!!

  5. Well I will go with the handsome young men - providing they are wearing overalls and know how to take apart a diesel engine!

  6. Oh... hope you are feeling better now as you sound pretty groggy in your original post.