Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I found this image at  I like the brass portal hole in the door, I think I may use this idea in the office door.  The only other two interior doors are the bathroom and bedroom, probably not the places to have spy holes in the doors!  I also like the wooden worktops, something I have hankered after for a long time.


  1. I have stainless steel and wooden worktops in my kitchen. The stainless steel is great for hygiene and can be cleaned up easily. I am a little disappointed that the edging is not up to the standard of the actual work surface and shows signs of wear. The wooden worktop I have tends to be more "delicate" as I have one with a natural finish which is just oiled occasionally. Certain foods tend to leave their mark more easily, but if nothing else, about once a year we can just sandpaper it down and make it look "new" again. I don't think that I would want a sink sunk into the wooden worktop though.

  2. Hi Janys, I have already bought the butler sink and original ceramic draining board! One of my favorite pastimes is touring the salvage yards. In fact, one of them even has my 'wish list'!

  3. The only salvage yards we seem to have are for old cars! I noticed that there are more builder salvage yards in the UK which is great. Your wish list sounds a good idea too!