Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hoovering Bees!

The conversation this morning went something like this ..."sorry I didn't call you back Mum, but I was in a jewellers hoovering up bees"... "WHAT?!!!"

And I was telling the truth! I was having a bee keeping lesson, when Alan received a call asking him to remove a swarm of bees from a jewellers in the High Street. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I jumped at the chance! When we got there, we got kitted out in our suits, boots and gloves and proceeded to Hoover up the bees. It's not quite as it seems, as the suction is very very gentle and the bees were collected in a large water bottle. When we had got them all (Alan reckoned about 20 - 25,000), well apart from the odd one or two, we took them back to the farm where they were fed and watered. Alan then popped them in to their nice new comfy hive and today they all seemed quite happy!

Now I am going to answer all the lovely comments that I got on my last post. I got this idea from my blogging pal Saving For Travel (pop over and have a look at her inspirational blog).

Datacreata - he is leaving us next week and already has a couple of commissions to start him off.
Kay - unfortunately there is a growing tide towards punishment not rehabilitation here too. Luckily I work in a unique detention centre where we have a duty to get our detainees ready for the 'outside'.
Mel - thank you, I do try to make a difference, it's very rewarding work.
SFT - we certainly did celebrate, it's great when the community gets together like that. I hope you don't mind me pinching your idea like this, I like the chatty feel to it. I will create a link to your blog as soon as I can (can't do it on the iPad!)
Connie - you do make a lovely couple. Pete and I are opposites - I'm the pretty, intelligent one, he's the talented skillful one!
Diane - Thank you, it will look splendid on the barge.
Tanya - wait until you see my swarm box!
Margy - shame you are not closer, a sign would look great on your cabin.
Growingthings - thank you and nice to meet you.
Sami - your comment about the sun, I think you have put the mockers on it, it's done nothing but rain since!


Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

Now that sounds fascinating! I've heard of it before but was imagining someone using a Henry or something similar to do the deed. I'm glad to hear that the suction was much gentler than that.

And do post a picture of your brood box...would love to see it! :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, I wonder how they all got to the jewelry shop in the first place.
Fascinating idea, vacuuming them up with gentle suction.

Diane said...

Very scary! I don't think I could handle that many bees without falling apart. I have thought in passing about raising bees for honey but I think my kids would move away and never come back.

Powell River Books said...

Maybe all suited up I could do it, but I think I would still be afraid. I've had one bee sting and one from a hornet (much worse) and probably turn tail and run, Hoover or no Hoover. - Margy

Kellie Collis said...

That is so brave of you! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

saving for travel said...

Yes, so brave. I love bees, that's what our little wild flower area is all about, helping them.

Wasps, NO, we had a nest in the rafters of our cottage last year and I freaked out.

I love it when people respond to comments.

Sft x

VallyP said...

Wow, Fran, I'm very impressed. I think I would have been scared silly. I've had a couple of unpleasant encounters with angry bees, so I'm a bit wary of them myself. Hoovering them up sounds very humane, or is it beemane :) Well done you!