Saturday, 2 June 2012

Let's Party!

Tollesbury always has an annual music festival in August, but it has been bought forward for the Jubilee party. Free to attend, but all the money raised is for MacMillan nurses. Here are some images of the day and more to follow.


  1. I especially like the stuffed lady dummy having her tea.



  2. Just catching up with your posts Fran.

    I hope school is out for you too and you have a wonderful half term.

    Great to see the kids having fun in the water.

    Very clever tip with the pegs. :)

    Your festival looks fun! Mac Nurses do an incredible job!

    Sft x

  3. Jo - that's supposed to be the queen!!!!
    Sft - unfortunately no half term for us, we can't close the prison for a week and send everyone home, although it might be a good idea!!!!