Saturday, 2 June 2012

Let's Party Part Two

Tollesbury has three days of events planned for the Jubilee and the village is awash with red, white and blue flags.  Today there was a tug of war, a 5km fun run, a childrens party, the music festival with various stalls, a flower festival and peels of bells from the local church.  Here are some more images of the day:

The turn out was amazing, I reckon most of the village was there: youngsters, families and the older generation all with their chairs, umbrellas, picnics and the odd bottle of beer and wine!
There were belly dancers....
five bands, one modern choir and a soloist....
Sumo wrestling, bbqs, tombola, childrens events, tea and cakes, darts competitions, fish and chip van, beer tent, Pimms tent, RSPB stall, face painting, craft stalls and much, much more....
The church was filled with the most amazing flowers from all the associations and clubs in the village.  This one was made by the pre-school and was made up of hand painted hands...
This one was made by the scouts..
And this one was from the Women's Fellowship.  There was also one from the Gentlemen's lunch club which of course had a bottle of champagne and two glasses among the flowers!
If there is one thing that the Brits can do well, is organise a right royal knees up given half a chance!


  1. What fun, Fran. It looks as if everyone went to town and had a ball. What did you do?? Sorry I've been silent. I'll be back soon and with bells on xxx

  2. Val - good to hear from you. I, along with everyone else, danced and sang the day away until we had sore throats and legs!

  3. Looks like so much fun. It is such a foreign concept for Americans about having a Queen. The royalty of England kind of fascinates us. To have reigned for this many years is just amazing. I am sure all of England was ablaze with parties and such. I just bought a book from Amazon about chickens and low and behold the forward was written by Prince Charles. Little did I know that his grandmother was a fan/owner of Buff Orpingtons (like we are) and even headed up the Buff Orpington Society.

  4. What fun - looks like the party reached every nook and cranny of England. Over here in the colonies (just kidding) we were glued to our tellies. - Margy