Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Welcome Sign

I work in a detention centre which has a craft workshop as part of the Education Centre.  This sign was a gift from a detainee who has been with us for some time and is about to leave.  The photo really does not do it justice at all, because it is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased with it,  I gave the chap that made it a great big hug and kiss.  He said it was for the outside of the boat.  No way!  The salt water would ruin it, so it is going inside and will be the first thing that anyone coming on to the boat sees.  If you see this, thank you so much and we will miss you when you go.


  1. Well done him, a very talented chap. Hopefully he may decide to go down that route in life.

  2. This is fabulous, Fran. I love the idea of teaching detainees skills, or having them use skills they already possess.
    My grandfather was an instructor at the BC Pen (the British Columbia Penitentiary) when my brother and I were little. My first big-girl bed and my brother's crib were made at "the pen" and I'll never forget them.
    The rehabilitative effect of the trades-teaching program was great, my grandparents said. Grandpa taught plastering and stuccoing, and helped his "students" find jobs when they were released. Grandma even invited some of them over for meals, they were so well rehabilitated.
    The Canadian government is now going in the opposite direction, closing down prison farms, preferring punishment to rehabilitation.
    Very sad.
    I am so happy you have something beautiful with which to remember how kindness can succeed where punishment fails.

  3. The sign (no pun intended) is a great personal tribute to you and your humanity as a teacher Well Done !

  4. Hi Fran

    Just catching up with your posts. Looks like Tollesbury celebrated the Jubilee in style.

    Your Mum and Dad look lovely. Congrats on their own Diamond Jubilee!

    That sign is beautiful. As the daughter of a carpenter I know how much love and work went into it. To be cherished for sure.

    Sft x

  5. Hi Fran, That sign is absolutely beautiful. What a special gift and what a thoughtful friend.
    As for your comment on my blog: You know, that is exactly right . . . we do compliment each other. We are very opposite in so many ways. We joke that neither one of us is all that much, but when you put us together we many one pretty good person. Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping in. Connie :)

  6. A lovely sign indeed. Great addition to the boat. Have a great day.

  7. That's absolutely brilliant Fran! You certainly have made some friends of the detainees with them making not only this sign but your bee hives as well :)

  8. It is beautiful and beautifully made. What a nice gesture. I am sure he was very appreciative of your help. - Margy

  9. What a thoughtful gift, and what skills that chap has! It really looks wonderful.

  10. such a thoughtful gift, and a testament to your great people skills. Hope you are getting some sun, it's turned summery just in time for the solstice tomorrow xxx

  11. What a lovely gift. You must have been very touched!