Saturday, 28 January 2012

Floored (Well Sort Of!)

Nope, Pete and I haven't had a major fight resulting in me laying him out on deck!  This is what Pete has been working at this week.  He has finished preparing the floor and is now laying the floor joists at the aft end of the boat.  Now this bit is where the companionway steps (staircase!) are going and to the left is the heads (bathroom!).  Behind the ladder is where the workshop and walk in pantry are going.  (Sorry Mel, don't know the nautical terms for those!)  Now, call me an old cycnic, but I find it a little predictable that the bit of floor and bulkheads that seem to be going in first are for Pete's workshop.  He swears that it is so that he can get the heads in so that I can have a washing machine to use (he's so kind to me!)  Mind you, with all that black tar stuff that he has used on the floor, his clothes and himself, a shower and washing machine for him to use are probably a good idea! 


  1. Good to hear that things are moving forward. Pete is working really hard.

    Sft x

  2. Sounds like a man I know, Wayne is always saying he has to stay at the cabin when I got back to Mom's because he has to mow the front yard, and you know our front yard is all water. - Margy

  3. SFT - not quite fast enough for me, but I can't get Pete to work through the night as well!!!!! xxx

    Margy - I think our men are very similar in their outlooks - boats, water, getting away from MILs etc xxx

  4. Br'rrr you have the right idea ! Nothing like a cosy berth to snuggle into when there's snow about .