Sunday, 5 February 2012

White Out

Last night was very cold outside.  Not cold on the boat, but I wished that we had the luxury of an electric blanket.  And then I remembered this:

Oh the joy!  I had forgotten how something so simple can make such a difference.  I can honestly say that even George Clooney could not have made being in bed so worthwhile!

This morning I woke up early, Pete made me three cups of tea and then scrambled egg on toast, whilst I stayed in bed.  It was so warm and cosy, but I eventually decided to poke my head out of the hatch and this is what I saw :

Thick snow!  So, I went back to bed and stayed there, thanking my lucky stars that I have the next two days off work.  Take care in the snow and drive very carefully if you have to go out.


  1. Aren't hot water bottles wonderful things Fran! I LOVE MINE!

    Lucky you being spoilt by Pete (who needs G.C.)?

    Wish I had 2 days off school too.
    Instead we have exams and parents evenings! LOL!

    Snuggle up and stay warm Fran!

    Sft x

  2. Enjoy your snow day! Am not sure about you but I'd be dipping in a bit of dark rum into my teas to keep warm ;)

  3. Hot water bottles rule!! You've got plenty of that white stuff there, I see. We have too. I hate it with a passion and the floor of the barge just breathes cold air...we are surrounded by ice too. Keep safe and warm Fran.

  4. Now that's a true white out. We had one snow storm last month, but now it is all rain. Strange winter. It was supposed to have been colder and whiter. - Margy

  5. SFT - I really did choose the right two days to have leave. I really hate driving in the snow xxx
    Tanya - Rum sounds a really good idea and as I live on the water, I think I am entitled to a rum ration!
    Val - you keep warm too and snuggle down as best you can.
    Margy - you are supposed to have the snow, not us!!!!

  6. I had to laugh at your George Clooney comment :)

    It's positively frigid in Denmark and I feel the same way about my microwaveable rice bag.