Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wind and Work

Along with the rest of the country, we have had some serious winds.  There was a mini tornado that whistled through the village causing destruction - starting in the Marina by dumping a brand new 30' Etap into the chandlery and ripping off roller doors from the shed, moving on to the flats and placing a shed on to a car and then a couple of factory roofs wrote off a couple more cars and so on up the village.  I have just been up to the allotment and discovered that my greenhouse is no more.  The damage has actually come from the neighbour's shed that was not secured down properly - very annoying since it was entirely preventable.

The wind stopped work on the extention for a couple of days, but Pete is back to it now and this is how it is looking right now ...

Hopefully, weather permitting, we should have a roof and walls by the end of the day.


  1. Thanks for the update Fran! Pete is doing so well, despite the windy weather.

    Sft x

  2. "The roof & the walls" -ah now :)
    I suppose you'll have some nice green tiles on the roof with nicely pointed red brick walls will ya with some gnomes ?
    Poor Pete.

  3. Fran, you said on my blog you thought we were being set up for something nasty...well, i think you've had it now. Sorry to hear about your greenhouse! That's sad and annoying :( We've had some pretty hectic weather over here too with the highest water I've ever seen.

  4. We've had a few good blows this year, but nothing that bad so far. Got down to the boat today and took it out here in Bellingham (US). Wayne has toys in all possible locations you know. It was rainy, but not windy so we tied up across the bay at a mooring cable and read the afternoon away. A bit chilly, but refreshing and VERY quiet. - Margy

  5. Sft - did you suffer any damage from the wind?

    Mel - gnomes, now there's a thought.......!

    Val - we have had some seriously high tides too and at odd times. One night the tide didn't come in at all, the next it was almost 2m above what it should have been xxx

  6. Margy - how lovely, peace and quiet I could do with come of that xxxx