Monday, 16 January 2012


No picture today, just reporting what I have been up to. I seriously ache having put in a session at the gym today. What idiot decided that exercise was good for you!! But I have discovered that I quite like the rowing machine, must be because of my love of the water! However, I really don't like the treadmill. I have to take the iPod as the tv is permanently on MTV, which drives me nuts!!! I need to keep this up and lose some weight, so expect some more moaning from me soon!


saving for travel said...

Oh,how I admire you Fran! I don't mind the moans.

Sft x

Kay L. Davies said...

Go for it, Fran. They tell me you'll get used to it.
Good luck!

Average Girl said...

I'll moan with you since I started riding the bike again and I can barely sit!!!!

VallyP said...

Well done you! I feel your pain.

Diane said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. We started exercising three days a week and in the beginning I was very sore. I am thinking of adding another day and up it to four days a weeks.