Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tutak Goes North

You will recall our friend Billy who set off up the East Coast of England, went right round Scotland and came back down the East Coast.  Well, he has put together a blog of his voyage and since he so blatantly advertised it in the comments of my last post, I thought I better have a look!  Even though he is a friend so I have to say nice things about it, it really is worth a visit.  His journey is told in a sometimes dramatic, sometimes comical/ironic and very interesting narrative and is accompanied by some wonderful pictures.  It shows  pictures of Britain that you wouldn't find in a guide book, the sort of things that gives Britain its unique character.  Go take a look by clicking here.

This is the Harbour Master's Office in Brightlingsea, just up the road to us.

Some caves up the coast, picture taken from the sea.

The most northern point of Great Britain.

Post post note : He has now put some great posts on there about France and Holland x


  1. Welcome aboard Tanya - I agree, like a huge gaping mouth ready to swallow you x

  2. Thanks for the link : I thoroughly enjoyed the trip ;)

  3. That looks like real ocean with swells and waves. I'll head over to take a look. After all, my ancestors on my father's side came from England. - Margy

  4. Oh dear, did I do something to upset my etiquette? Sorry folks, Fran, maybe I should ask next time.

    Suitably chastised,

  5. Mel - glad you enjoyed it :)

    Margy - So you do have a bit of ol' blighty in you, I knew it!!!!

    Billy - humility doesn't suit you, anyway it's really interesting. Love the pictures of Holland, brings back memories x

  6. Have joined the blog and will enjoy reading it at my leisure this weekend.

    Thanks Fran.

    Sft x

  7. I shall definitely be taking a look, Fran. Thanks for letting us know! I'm quite intrigued to see what he has said and shown about my particular flat lands.