Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saving Water

We have to be very careful with water.  Not for financial reasons, as our water costs are included in our mooring fees.  Not for 'green' reasons either (although I would like to spout off about saving the world!)  but because of this.........

We have to move the fridge, take up the floor and run a hose from a tap, across the barge and down the hatch!  To be honest it is a pain in the neck and something to be done only when we have too.  When we don't have quite so much work to do, we will fix the water cap on deck, that at the moment steadfastly refuses to move!


  1. Very interesting Fran! A bit of a bother!

    Do you have a shower on the boat?

    Are you able to shower daily?

    What ways do you save water.


    Sft x

  2. At least you can fill it by hose. Could be worse. That's one thing I like about living on a fresh water lake. I just pump the water up with my trusty hand pump. Yes, we do need to boil it before cooking or drinking, but for all other purposes it is ready to use. - Margy

  3. Sft - yes we do have a shower on the boat. However, I also have a shower room next to my office at work, which no one else uses, so I tend to go in early and use that. I also do my washing at work. I stay there as well when we have snow on the ground as I am petrified of driving in the snow! x

  4. Margy - that is lovely having good clean, fresh water. But I couldn't imagine wanting to drink the water round here, apart from the fact that it is salt water! xxx

  5. Save water, drink more beer!

    I'll come round with a big hammer and fix it Fran....

  6. Do you dream of baths full to the brim of hot water?

  7. I like that thing about saving water...
    But can You make tea or coffee with it ?
    How is the rest going with the Barge ?
    Long time no see......

  8. Thrifty household - Absolutely!!! x

    Ib - We can make tea and coffee with it, but can only drink it if it is boiled. Will update you with what we have been doing to the barge at the weekend x

  9. Filing water tanks is always such a bind.....this makes it look like a real mission! My sympathies, Fran!

  10. Oh my! I hope it gets fixed very soon. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx