Friday, 28 October 2011

Look Who's 60 - But You Wouldn't Know It!

He might have got his bus pass now, but he couldn't resist a paddle in an exceptionally high tide.  The water went over his wellies and had to be poured out.  Did I laugh  at the twit.....of course I did!!!!

Pete has been a life long Arsenal supporter, so my boys treated him to a day at the Emirates ( including going round to Highbury to kiss the sacred ground!).  Luckily the Arsenal won 3-1, so they all came home happy with sore throats from shouting and singing.

He spends a lot more time these days having a quick kip!  (We were at a great party, but you wouldn't think it!)

He might think that dirty laundry lives on the floor, watches old black and white war films on tv at every opportunity, talks rubbish when he's had a drink, be known as 'One for the Road Pete' and can never, ever see the mess that he's made.  But he's my Pete.  My world changed for the better when I met him.  We have been through good times and bad.  He puts up with my hormonal mood swings, often cooks me dinner,  buys me chocolate,  gives me a cuddle when I need one and is always there for me.  He will always help anyone if he can and is generous to a fault.  He is working very, very hard to make my dream come true and I don't think I tell him often enough how much I appreciate it.  In fact Pete, I don't think I tell you often enough how much I love you and that you are my best friend.  Have a great birthday and rest assured I think you are as sexy and as gorgeous as the day I met you, 15 years ago!


  1. Congratulations, to Pete, to you, and Arsenal, too, it seems!
    What a delightful tribute to the man you love, Fran!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Happy Birthday Pete many congratulations to you on becoming 6 - I mean 0 doesn't count for anything does it :)
    oh and congratulations on finding such a great partner too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE! Sounds like you've got a good 'un there Fran! What a wonderful tribute to the man of your dreams.

    (P.S. He could be related to Mr Sft who is also generous to a fault, buys me chocolate but cannot see his mess!)


    Sft x

  4. Happy Happy Birthday... and you are so right... you would not know he was 60 at all!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday from across the pond. But hey, Pete is just a young pup. Just tell him life begins at 60 and it only gets better from here. - Margy

  6. Thanks everone for your good wishes. I may look 60 and feel 75 at times, but in my mind I am still only 16!!!!! - Pete x

  7. Is it that a Golden Age ?

  8. What a lovely tribute to your beloved. He sounds like the answer to a woman's prayers (except the kipping bit :)), but seriously, the fact that he's so good to you says as much about you as it does about him. So glad you've found each other! xx

  9. Thanks Ib and Val - Pete x

  10. Belated Birthday wishes to your Pete - Your only as old as you feel and looking at Pete,he know this :) PS My husband is also a lifetime Arsenal fan. About 2 years ago, we visited the Emirates and posed outside for lots of pictures - well he did - I snapped away.