Thursday, 2 September 2010


Today Pete has completed joists for the roof/wheelhouse floor.  We thought this would be happening tomorrow but, by luck, the timber that he needed was delivered today so he was able to get on with it.  Tomorrow he is going to make a temporary staircase so that I can play around with it and see where I want to put it.  Plus he is going to take out the mezzanine floor, so the staircase will be more user friendly than a ladder.   I can't believe how the barge is taking shape.  I knew there was a reason I married Pete!!!


  1. Sure looks sturdy. Is Pete still staying there to guard the tools or has he been able to come home? - Margy

  2. Margy... he can't go home yet...Fran hasn't finished the Smarties!

  3. Margy - He came home last night, but went down to the boat at 5.00 am this morning! He does love his tools!

    Janys - now you are just being silly, everyone knows chocolate goes off in an hour and has to be eaten very very quickly!!!!!!

  4. Depends how many packets you have stashed away I reckon