Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Home Grown

This is today's harvest from my little garden.  The tomatoes and chillis are really coming to an end now.  However,  I do have lots of French beans still and I am now in the annual race to beat the squirrels to my fair share of the hazelnuts!


  1. Aww well done you! How lovely to have veggies from your own garden Fran. I wish....sigh!

  2. Nice pickings! I haven't seen my garden for two weeks know. I wonder what I'll find. Wayne says the woodrats haven't arrived yet, so maybe there's a fighting chance there will be some spinach and chard when I return. - Margy

  3. Oh you are so lucky to have hazelnuts~ I remember finding a tree with my dad eons ago when we were walking our dog - we collected lots, but never found the tree again :(