Sunday, 5 September 2010

More Floor/Roof

This is our wonderful friend Alex, who is a carpenter.  He is making up a jig (is that the right word?) to make the bowed beams for the wheelhouse roof.  We knew that mezzanine floor would have a use one day!  Just sixteen more beams to go.
Reinforcing done for water tanks.  We were going to use these tanks, but we have discovered several leaks in them and so have decided to buy new ones.  Don't fancy several tons of water cascading down on to us!!!!


  1. Wow - big progress.

    Looks like it's coming along nicely there.



  2. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog... but firstly let me say, that the graphics of your blog are awesome... secondly, wow what a huge undertaking, for lack of a better world, it's going to be cool when it's done. I will have to pop back and take a look at the progress!!!

    Happy Monday to you!

  3. Brilliant Fran. You are coming along fast now! I know all about leaky water tanks, so can sympathise with the desire for new ones.

  4. Fran...... tell Pete to hold back on a few jobs so that we can still see the boat in the making!!! At this rate it will all be done by this weekend