Monday, 21 January 2013

Minted Chickpeas in Corn Wraps

These are so ridiculously quick and easy, that they are now my standard 'whip up something quick for unexpected lunch guests' dish.

Gently fry until soft a good bunch of dark greens (spinach, cabbage or kale). Add a couple of chopped tomatoes, two crushed garlic cloves, a tin of chick peas and two teaspoons of mint sauce. Cook (stirring often) until the tomatoes have softened (just a few minutes will do). Serve in corn (or even flour) wraps. Yum, yum.

Sorry no picture, use your imaginations! Xxx


  1. I see golden fresh wraps folded round a mound of rich green and red delight that sills generously out onto th plate! Mmmmmmm xx

  2. Sounds great but no good here as DB won't eat any member of the cabbage family, sigh!

  3. Ooh that sounds good! I might have to buy some wraps on my home now....I've just had lunch and I'm hungry again hehe :)

  4. I'll have to remember this, it's good to have something like this to make when you want something quick and easy.

  5. Val - that's a very creative piece of writing - have you considered becoming an author!!!!!
    DC - how can you live without cabbage !!!
    Urban Lake - I knew you would love it.
    Jo - it's a great quick stand by.

  6. That does sound tasty. And a good way to use up the greens.

    I see my comment disappeared from your last post :(

    I think your room looks good, you had a busy week by the sound of it.

    Is it full board? Always thinking about money saving! ;)

    Sft x

    1. Sft - the room is full board, three meals a day (not that I eat that!) and let's just say that it costs me less than my daily petrol to work per night x