Thursday, 17 January 2013

Inside The Wire

So it's been snowing again and freezing cold all week and those of you that know me realise that I am staying at work again. Here is my room. A little bare, but warm and comfortable with everything you need. I also am well looked after with an armed guard prowling the perimeter at night!
The other picture was taken as I walked up from the camp to the mess. The snapshot doesn't really do it justice, but the naked tree all lit up looks really quite spooky. Keep warm folks xxx


  1. A bare room that is warm and functional isn't bare at all. Think of it as minimalist cozy. :-)

  2. At least you have a place to stay and not have to travel in all that nasty weather. - Margy

  3. Good Morning Fran, I think that it is wonderful that you have a place to stay when the roads are bad. I absolutely hate driving on icy roads. The fact that you have an armed guard, must make sleeping alone and away from home, feel safe and cozy. That tree looks pretty awesome all lit up like that.

    In regard to the comment you left:
    I have heard about the bullet train that runs between UK and France, how lovely it would be to just sit back with a good book for a while and arrive in France for the day or weekend. If I lived close I would be talking you into a girl-friend trip. Leave the guys to putter with their DIY projects, LOL.
    I have started thinking about the food . . . I am not familiar with French cooking, but that is what this little adventure is all about. Maybe I'll start with something simple for Valentine's Day. I do make some great tasting French bread, but that's it, so this will be interesting:)
    Have a glorious weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Yum, that sounds delicious . . . but the sail sounds even better. We do miss our Wazapan, she was only a 25 footer and we only lake sailed, but the lake we have her moored on was 30 miles long. I'll have to post a photo of her, one of these days.
    You're a sweetie pie.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. I don't drive in these conditions either, Fran, but I am lucky to have good public transport. Your room looks warm at least and that's the main thing. I'm sure you make it cosy just by being there! Love the lit up tree. What a beautiful sight!

  6. It is nice that you have somewhere warm and safe to stay. Me and harsh winter weather don't mix, and I rarely if ever drive in it.

  7. Shara - that's a really goof way of looking at it, a glass half full.... Xxx
    Margy - you know me too well x
    Connie - it's an armed guard because I am staying on a military base. You are right, providing the weather is with us the sail is glorious, especially if we are accompanied by dolphins x
    Val - we are too rural for a really good bus service. It's amazing how much of a mark you can make on a room after a few days! X
    Diane - you are so lucky if you don't have too x