Sunday, 6 January 2013

For Sindy <3

Hiya My Dutch doggie Pal,

I have just come back from a really muddy walk along the sea wall. It was soooo gloriously muddy I could have wallowed for hours. But my Mum, who hasn't got a clue about how good this mud is for my fur and overall skin care regime, decided I should be hosed down before getting anywhere near the boat. Oh the indignity of being made to stand there in full view of that Labrador bitch from the big house on the corner. I bet she had a nice warm bath to go home to and a log fire to curl up in front of (how the other half live). I wouldn't look at the camera because I didn't really want you to see me looking like this, all bedraggled and damp. But then I remembered your mum's message yesterday and I agreed that my mum could send you this just to show that us boat pups have to put up with some tough times to be able to enjoy the wonderful happy, loving lives that we have in common. Keep your chin up babe, it will soon be spring and we can be frolicking with the best of them. Lots of licks and sniffy bottoms Alfie xxxx


  1. Awwww Alfie...S'not fair....Poor you! Wot indigniwotsits we pups 'ave ter put up wiv just fer a bit ov fun. Sorry..dunno how ter spell words wiv more than one syllabubble..akshully mumz sez I can't spell nuffink right. Dunno why...S'not fair...hmmm I just sed that didn't I?
    Anyways, I likes me mud n stuff too, so's even if I has t' have an orrible barf after, I don't care. You're black like wot I am. Dunno wot all the fuss is about. We looks clean even when we's all mucky...hee hee. Luv n lix Sindybin

  2. Fantastic post Alfie!

    Didn't you get lost in the fog?

    Sft x

  3. Val - at first I thought it was the Dutch accent, not bad spelling!
    Sft - he's a very clever dog! The fog was gloomy wasn't it and it hung around all day. But at least it is fairly mild still x

  4. This three word lettered M U D is being seen on a few blogs of late and seems to be a popular subject for some of the human companions of dogs!

    As my wrist was virtually slapped elsewhere
    [ you'll find it if you look ;) ]

    I'll be good & say well hosed Fran!

  5. Such a rough life, Alfie, no warm indoor bath!

  6. We could learn a lot from our pets about life. Maybe it would all be better if we could romp in the mud, get and give lots of licks, but I'm not sure about the sniffy bottoms part. That may have to stay a doggy thing. - Margy

  7. Awww, Mel, I didn't mean to slap...honestly :-) and yes, Fran, it was me. I confess!

  8. Hi Fran, well, my Butchy loves to get muddy, too. He stands very still and tolerates bath-time, but it is not his favorite thing to do.
    I have been enjoying reading your posts . . . I've missed a few.
    Just so you know . . . I am getter old and today I am wearing purple. I'll not be spitting, but I might find some other mischief to get into. I'm leaving in an hour and taking my guitar to play and sing at my neighborhood nursing home.
    I'm happy that you like my cloth-pin (peg) project and want to make some.
    They are very natty :)
    I love learning new words :)
    Have a sweet day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. Mel - little boys love mud, it seems they don't grow out of it!
    Kay - he does love a bath x
    Margy - I will if you do, mud nth that is! X
    Val - now you have destroyed my illusions! X
    Connie - let's grow old disgracefully together, now that would be fun, mischief on both ides of the Atlantic at the same time! X

  10. Very cute Fran :) But Archie should know that cute little Labradors from the big house probably aren't allowed to play in the mud anyway. He's a lucky pup!

  11. Hi Fran, I am so excited . . . this journey is one that we can share. Have you ever made an alter book before?
    I am anticipating a wonderful and information adventure, as I look into all that makes this country so appealing to me. Good luck on finding a book that you what to tear up and rebuild. I'm looking forward to seeing what you find :)
    Have a glorious day.
    Connie :)