Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Win Some, Lose Some.

That is going to be my motto for 2013.  We have a lot to do on the barge, which is going to cost a huge amount of money.  I am also hoping to take voluntary redundancy in 2014 and cut my hours down to part time working, which means saving up and paying some stuff off.  So next year is going to be a seriously frugal one with every penny being saved.  Every pound saved will be a win win situation.  I have a lot of blogging pals on the same journey for various reasons.  You might like to check out one of my great inspirations over at Saving For Travel .  SFT and her husband have managed to pay off their entire mortgage and are now saving for their retirement funds and to be able to travel the world.  I have joined her sealed pot challenge and am saving up for a trip to Holland to see my blogging pal Val at Watery Ways  in Rotterdam.

And the Lose Some bit....well these are a  few pounds I definitely want to lose...those around my waistline.  I WILL be slim and svelt like by Christmas 2013! I will blog more about the way I intend to do this another time.

Have you set yourselves any challenges for the New Year?


PS Here are some inspirational sites :

Laura at http://www.nomorespending.net/

Datacreata at http://frugalinnorfolk.blogspot.co.uk/

Sue at http://ournewlifeinthecountry.blogspot.co.uk/

And there are many more on my blog list to the left of this post xxx


  1. Good luck Fran!
    We're hoping to totally finish our house next year and move a little nearer to mortgage freedom x

  2. No challenges set yet other than the sealed pot. Good luck on both things you want to achieve.

  3. Good luck to you too Laura - I have updated the post and put a link on to your blog too.
    Thanks Datacreata - I have put a link on to your blog too.
    Both of you have been inspirational to me - Laura with paying off your debts and Datacreata with your simple living ideas. Thank you xxxx

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my giveaway post. I've just been reading back through a few of your previous posts and I can see that I'm going to enjoy your blog, so I shall delve in to the archives further when I have a little more time. I haven't thought about my 2013 challenges yet, I'd better get a move on.

  5. Hi Fran . . . You Are An Inspiration!!!
    I too need to cut back in spending and do more saving or giving. I know that I have a few things that I spend on that is far from necessary. Money that could be saved for our future, after Steve retires, or money that could help someone in need.
    As for the loosing pounds . . . that has been very heavy on my mind. I started off this year with a 50 pound lose and feeling wonderful, but through the year I have found twenty of those pounds back. I plan on starting an exercise program and my goal is to loose those twenty pounds by the end of May and run (walk) in our Memorial Day Fun Run (5K).
    I used to do these runs all the time when I was in my forties . . . it will be fun and a goal to aim for. Well, those are the two things that I need to do, in 2013. Looks like we are in the same boat, LOL. I'm here . . . when you need encouragement . . . I'll need some, too.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Oh Fran, that would be lovely!! I hope your pot fills up fast. I think I shall reciprocate as I would LOVE to visit your lovely harbour there in England too.

    I haven't thought of any other challenges yet, other than the ones I've already set myself: learn to play the fiddle so that I can take part in folk evenings and pla real melodies; keep on with my running; keep going with my studies and finish writing this current work in progress and start the sequel to Watery Ways...hmmm, that's quite an ambitious list, isn't it? Well, you have to aim high, don't you? :-)

  7. Sorry, that should have been 'play' some real melodies. Proofread first, Val!

  8. New Year's is one time when I have to remind myself "one day at a time" because if I make resolutions, I'm always heartbroken when I break them.
    "To each his own" -- right? But good luck with yours. You will enjoy having more time at home, but you'll miss the extra pay.
    Let's see, what goes with that? "Into each life some rain must fall" is close, but not perfect. I guess your "win some, lose some" is the best!

  9. Thank you for those great links and good luck in achieving your goals in 2013.
    I have a big birthday next year and would like to do a few different things during the year, I am currently compiling a list!
    Sarah x

  10. Hi Fran . . . it is not that impressive that I gained 20 back, LOL
    At least I can laugh at myself and start over. I was feeling so good and having much more energy . . . so that is my goal . . . just to get that 20 back off. As we get older, it takes a lot more work, my old body does not burn fuel like it used too.
    Good luck on the give-away.
    Merry Christmas.
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  11. Win some - I've decided to set my respite schedule to include three days a week in a row rather than skimping. We've already implemented it and Mom and I are both a lot happier.

    Lose some - Wayne and I both read Joel Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live" a few months back. It isn't really vegetarian, but he does recommend a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. So far Wayne and I have both lost more than 10 pounds, but even more important we feel healthier and more energetic. We will continue eating better in the new year. Nothing like a little success to keep you going.

    Happy Christmas! Do they put lights on boats in your harbour? -- Margy

  12. Jo - I am looking forward to reading backwards through your blog also. Welcome aboard xxx
    Connie - you are so sweet, thank you. I admire you for aiming to do the 5k run (walk). I really must get in to the gym more. We have one at work with my own personal trainer (very nice young man :)) so there really is no excuse xxx
    Val - That really is an ambitious list, but good for you I am sure you will do it. I would love to play the fiddle as we have quite a few impromptu folk nights here too, but I am a dab hand at the tambourine!
    Kay - that is why my aims are quite general with nothing specific, I have been here before but this year ........!!! xxx
    Sarah - a big birthday is one to look forward to and I hope the celebrations are going to last at least a week if not more! I look forward to hearing all about it xxx
    Margy - how strange, here's that connection again! I intend to follow Joel Fuhrman's vegan diet and have been reading all about it in the last couple of weeks. Glad to hear that it is working for you xxx

  13. We will continue our Weight Watchers challenge into the new year. I have about 10 more pounds I wish to lose and Grace has about the same. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. If I don't 'speak' to you before, Fran, have a wonderful Christmas and new year with your lovely family, Fran. Maybe one day we can play some music together too. Your tambourine with my fiddle :-) Lots of love xxx

  15. Hi Fran,

    Thanks for the link.

    I feel very honoured that I have a blogging pal in my part of the world, and one who leads such an interesting life!

    I know you will do really well with your saving for part time work/retirement.

    Also for that sealed pot trip to Val's.

    Great links too-some of my favourite blogs there!

    Oh and before I forget:


    Sft x

  16. I agree with your links to the blogs, all great blogs with good information.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,


  17. Thanks for the link Fran!

    Merry Christmas! x