Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I HATE driving in the snow and ice!  I get myself so worked up, that I could almost cry.  I am lucky that I can usually put off going in to work a bit later in the morning, rather than attempt the drive in the dark.  However, this week I am delivering a particular course and I HAVE to be in work every day and early.  So to overcome my fears I am actually staying a work.  It is such a chore as I have all my meals cooked for me, the room cleaned on a daily basis and tea served first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I have discovered recently that if I use my computer at work to read and comment on your blogs, quite often my comments end up in your spam boxes or disappearing completely.  I would hate you all to think that I don't care or that I cannot be bothered to read your posts and comment.  Blogger obviously has some sort of prejudice against the MoD computer system!!!!  Also being a military establishment, I do not get a signal on my phone or iPad to blog or comment.   I have managed to get on to a stand alone computer to post this.  But please excuse my absence from commenting on your posts, rest assured I am reading them all every day and thoroughly enjoying them.  In fact, you are my escape from work each day.  So please bear with me and normal service will be resumed as soon as I get home (providing I get a signal!!!)   Lots of Love to you all xxxx      


  1. Fran, I'm imagining you sleeping in a barred cell with one of those iconic metal toilets! I hope it's not the case and that you're comfortable staying at work :)

  2. I spent all my life being afraid to drive in snow and ice, Fran, and now I'm old enough that I think I'm entitled to stop doing it. When I was working, I didn't have a choice. I never thought to sleep at work. When I worked for the city dailies, there was a cafeteria, plus the cot in the nurse's room.
    Silly me, driving for an hour each way, terrified and trembling.
    Then, when I worked a mile from home, I could have taken a taxi, but it never entered my head.
    Now, I get my Old Age Pension whether I got out in the winter or not. Your day will come. LOL
    Seriously, I'm glad you have a solution to the problem.

  3. I can understand your fears about driving on snow and ice Fran, because doing so calls for putting ones self into a different type of mindset than normal driving.

    I drive in all weathers and have done so for years first mode was motorcycle until I was 42 & later a car. I think it's all about the right speed - slowness actually, using the right gears & knowing your how to control a skid.

    Enjoy your cosseted accommodation and don't get to comfy for it isn't permanent!!

  4. Lol Tanya - a bit more luxurious than that! X
    Kay - I can't wait until I retire and I can just enjoy walking Alfie in the snow as he loves it so much! X
    Mel - I have had driving lessons in the snow and I have winter tyres but it doesn't make it any easier. It was a touch of luxury having a real bed, shower and meals cooked for me x

  5. Fran - you won yourself a perpetual calendar!!! Don't see a way to contact you personally so when you get a chance, let me know because I don't quite know if Fran, Tollesbury would reach you :(

  6. Hi Fran,

    The snow and ice was terrifying last Week wasn't it?

    I hope you are ok, staying at work.

    Look forward to catching up soon.

    Sft x

  7. Thank you very much Janys will pm you xxx

    Sft - staying at work really isn't too bad, bit of a luxury really and I get control of the TV remote control!

  8. Oh Fran, I missed this one, and thank you for telling me on my blog that this was happening. I'm so happy to see you 'back' again, but yes, I totally sympathise about driving in snow and ice. When I was as new driver, it never worried me, but I see to be a lot more anxious about things like this these days.