Wednesday, 26 September 2012


This is the latest tjalk to join our little community. Dave and Tina bought her in last night and we provided some help with the ropes and a welcoming beer. She is such a pretty boat and I can just see the flower boxes on her deck and seating areas for next years summer!! Sorry about the quality of the picture but it was getting dark when they got here.


  1. I can't imagine living on a boat..........however that's not to say I wouldn't, it's just not something I have ever thought about.

    For us novices out there, what are the pro's and cons of it? Maybe do a poat?


  2. From looking at the lines of the hull I get the feeling that here is a seaworthy craft of great repute.

  3. Good to see new members of your community! What a lovely welcome from you all and there boat will look lovely in the summer.

    Sft x

  4. I love flower boxes on boats, really summery & magical

  5. I imagine living on a boat would be a great adventure. Looking forward to seeing pics of yours when it is finished. To answer your question, yes I did breath, but just barely. lol.

  6. I wonder how old the hull is? Do you think it's historic or a more recent version? The build up is definitely modern, but how lovely to have a wheelhouse, as well as a few home comforts. The traditional tjalk would not have had those for sure. Welcome to your world!

  7. Gill - good idea, got me thinking now! X
    Mel - you would love, she is beautiful x
    Sft and Sami - she will look lovely with flowers, I don't think Dave is going to get a say in that! X
    Ib - she does, but your boat is looking good too x
    Diane - living on a boat does have a charm :) x
    Val - I will try to find out more about it and let you know x

  8. I'd love to know more about it if possible, Fran!