Saturday, 22 September 2012


That got your attention!! I may not have walls, ceilings, toilet etc but I do have a chandelier to swing on! Someone on a job that Pete was working on was throwing this out, so he rescued it. It is solid brass and I think it is beautiful. More money saved and a bit more done for the environment.


  1. Oh, just need a disco now, bet the echo would be great!

  2. Well with such a Victorian light fitting can we expect to you and Pete ornately dressed in the costume of those times ???

  3. Who needs a toilet when you have a chandelier?
    Great find, Fran.

  4. It's lovely. We have something online called Freecycle here in the States and Canada. You can sign up for a Yahoo group and get messages about things people want to give away for free, or post a request for something you want for free. It's lots of fun just to watch, and sometimes something useful comes along. - Margy

  5. Datacreata - a disco ball, now there's an idea!!!! X
    Mel - don't they call it steampunk these days? X
    Kay - mmmmmm, not sure about that!!! X
    Margy - we also have free cycle here and we have had a few good thing from it x