Sunday, 23 September 2012

What Shall We Have For Dinner?

Here is my latest haul from the allotment. Any ideas what we can have for dinner?

Also here is a picture of my Stevia bush that I have very carefully grown from seed. I have now moved it in to the greenhouse, should I do anything else to it?


  1. Can't help with the Stevia bush, had to look it up! Could roast your vegetables in a little oil and serve them with pasta.x

  2. Beautiful harvest of veggies. I have never grown a Stevia - sounds like a fun challenge.

  3. Full marks to you Fran for growing Stevia!
    Which is one item that you will not be using with your vegetables, unless of course you have an extremely sweet tooth?
    Shall we tell them or keep it a secret?
    lets tell them that Stevia is sweetener far sweeter than any sugar and is a noncaloric herb.
    A stir fry or steamed veggies would be my choice with the veggies.

  4. Oh wow you have grown stevia ! A friend of mine uses it in her coffee and I know she'll be interested to hear about growing it

  5. Hubby also grew Stevia this year. When it is ready to harvest dry the leaves then crush to turn into a powder. It is great to see you online again. Have a great week.

  6. Never heard of Stevia. What an education I have following blogs.

    Are you planning to use it instead of sugar?

    I am jealous of your haul, how delicious.

    What did you cook in the end?

    SFT X

  7. All those vegetables make me think of a big pot of soup. Served up with some hardy, warm from the oven, bread.
    Oh, I'm getting hungry, LOL

  8. Datacreata and Steve - I actually took both your ideas - roasted veg with pasta for dinner and soup for lunch, so thank you! x
    Mel - and there's me thinking I could smoke it!!!! x
    2 Tramps, Claire, Diane and SFT -
    Don't get too excited, it is actually only about 2 inches tall at the moment and I am not sure about it making it through the winter. Diane perhaps you could give me more advice on this please? xxx

  9. Great haul Fran...I'm sure you've made some great meals from your latest harvest.

    Totally and completely unhealthy but we've been transforming our courgettes (and marrows) into battered 'Chips'. SO tasty but oh so naughty :) Maybe try some yourself?

  10. Tanya - courgette chips, they sound great and I am sure they are healthy really! X