Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kimchi Fried Rice

When I was a lot younger, I worked for a Korean company in London.  Here I developed a love for Korean food.  Kimchi is the staple of  the Korean diet and I absolutely love it.  For many years I could not buy it anywhere and I had to make my own. but recently a friend took me to Wing Yip's supermarket and what a wonderful place!  They had Kimchi galore! I bought fresh Kimchi from the chiller cabinet, tinned Kimchi and Kimchi in jars!  I also bought many other ingredients that I had previously been unable to get or were too expensive in normal supermarkets (the prices at Wing Yip's are fantastic) along with sensible size bags of spices.  If you love Asian food and are close enough, Wing Yip's is worth going to every few months to stock up as it would definitely save money.  Anyway, apart from eating Kimchi straight from its bag, jar or tin, I have started experimenting with different recipes.  Today we had Kimchi Fried Rice which was delicious, even a sceptical Pete thoroughly enjoyed it and it is definitely something that I will cook on a regular basis. The other bonus was that it was ready to eat very quickly, just what you need when you get in from work.  So that's new recipe number 2.  I promise there will be an update on the kitchen and barge soon!


  1. So, when I first heard of kimchi, I was told it had to be buried in the back yard for a certain length of time (I forget how long) but I understand that is no longer necessary. Certainly would be difficult to do at this time of year. So glad for you to be introduced to a source of the food you love.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Kay, the recipe I got from a Korean friend (30 years ago!) is made in a tupperware bowl, put in the fridge and turned regularly. I think that every Korean mother has her own version of Kimchi!

  3. oh we LOVE Wing Yip! AFAIK it's the only place in the UK you can buy root beer, in cases of cans that are made in Singapore, so they're made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup! Woo!

    (we also buy enough frozen dim sum to feed an army there)

  4. Melissa -I love root beer too. I gave up on McDonalds when they stopped selling it! Didn't realise they sold it at Win Yip's, will look out for it next time I go x

  5. It looks delicious! I'd like to try one of those one day. Enjoy the weekend, Kellie xx

  6. When I lived in Southern California there were Korean restaurants and I remember having kimchi. I did like it. - Margy

  7. Oh Fran my mouth is watering at the thought of kimchi and kimchi fried rice. I've read loads about kimchi and have had intentions of making my own. But I think I like the idea of trying some ready made ones first, as it may be close to the real thing. So Thank you for sharing this. We don't have a Wing Yip store nearby, but an alternative called See Woo. So I will have to keep my eye out the next time I pass by. I'd love to make some Kimchi fried rice. You are so right to point out that every Korean mama probably has her own version of kimchi.
    I think this year Korean food is going to be in the foodie magazine headlines. It will be the next fashionable cuisine to eat and I am pleased about that, a change from Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

    Oh may I wish you a Happy New Year too.