Monday, 3 January 2011

Healthy Start

There is something really wholesome about homemade soup.  It just feels healthy as you are eating it.  After the last few days of excess, I decided I really needed some vegetable soup, so I hunted through the fridge and came up with these............
.......celeriac.  In the village we have a greengrocer's van that comes three times a week and is always full of fresh and, wherever possible, local produce.  Derry (the greengrocer) gave me two small celeriacs as he reckoned they were too small to sell (along with two free red peppers that were "too far gone to sell" that are about to become chilli jelly).  I then turned to my River Cottage Everyday cookbook and came up with this recipe for celeriac soup.  It was absolutely delicious and so easy, I strongly recommend you try it.  So that's recipe No. 1 of the 52 New Recipes Challenge and I will definitely now be growing celeriac this year.


  1. i have never tasted Celeriac, and keep seeing it on TV cooking programmes - may have to give it a go

  2. I have never cooked with celeriac. I'm not even sure I've seen one anywhere. In your photo, they look quite daunting. Peeling and cubing it would be all my poor aching hands could handle, or maybe just peeling.
    Nevertheless, I agree, homemade soup is soothing for body and soul, especially in winter. How wonderful for you to have a greengrocer's van! Reminds me of Mexico in the 70s. Fabulous.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Oh celeriac is lovely! The one on the right in your photo looks like the 'Ood' on Doctor Who! Lucky you having a greengrocer van, we have a farm shop about 3 miles away but much of it is imported :(

    Enjoy your soup, it sounds delicious!


  4. Sharon - go for it, it really is lovely and the kids would probably like it too.
    Kay - I chose the ugliest image, try googling it and see what it looks like really! Small ones are quite easy to handle, a bit like a parsnip.
    Sara - wouldn't know about the Ood, I gave up watching when David Tennant left, it broke my heart!