Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This our soon-to-be neighbour coming down the creek with his new boat.  Martin, Kim and Neil sailed the boat back from Amsterdam.  All went well until they hit bad weather at the Sunk and blew the head gasket.  However, all's well that ends well, as they arrived safely and in good spirits (apart from Kim's back of course!).

The weather was warm enough for a quayside BBQ and just a few bottles of champagne and beer!!! 
This is Neil, the BBQ King.  This hat may be familiar to some of my Dutch friends.  Sorry to rub it in, but they found them in a bin and decided they just had to have them!
And here is a very happy and relieved to be home Martin.  Enjoy your new home Martin.


  1. Any spare moorings in your neck of the woods, Fran? Your new neighbours must be so happy to have arrived, and eager to start their new life in their new boat. How I wish I were in their shoes right now!
    We have even been told that hubby is too tall for the motorbike we want... wanted...

  2. Janys, as I am sure Fran will say, you have to get past me first if you want a mooring. Applications to Bank of Billy.....

  3. Okay tough guy!!!!! Janys - Billy really is a pussy cat, we just have to humour him! Anyway you would miss all that lovely weather (it's been raining all day). How can you be too tall for a motorbike? How tall is your hubby exactly, 7ft or so?

  4. LOL...the whole story goes...with his height and my kilos it would be an "either/or" situation! So now we are having to look at the really big stuff and have our eyes on a Moto Guzzi Stelvio or Norge... or maybe even a California (those things the US cops ride). Just hope it doesn't remain a "just looking" shaggy dog story like the barge! So Billy... you can rest easy... we are not in you guys' league yet!

  5. Sheesh, I was so sure I'd left a comment here, especially as I remember seeing the pic with the hat before. Must have been one of those days blogger was playing tricks with me. Sometimes I just can't get my comments to publish (like Mo). Anyhow, I expect your new neighbours have settled in now! Hope they are enjoying life in your creek. It looks so lovely.

  6. You must have quite a tidal change there. Looks like you've got lots of lumber to work with to keep you busy for a while. - Margy