Saturday, 31 July 2010

Cadet Week

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about being Commodore is the time that I have spent with the Cadets.  This week has been my third (and sadly last as commodore) Cadet Week.  Unfortunately, this year I could only spent Thursday and Friday with the kids but I have had a fabulous couple of days.   I cannot believe how the kids' confidence has grown in a year.  Last year the girls were screaming in terror if the wind blew above a force 1, this year they are hanging out of dinghies on trapezes!  We had thirty-five kids out on the water and they sailed every day even though the wind was quite gusty a couple of days.  There were also various activities every evening with a grand bbq and presentation night last night.  A very good night as my head will testify today!!!!!   Well done to all the cadets and the helpers for making it such a great week.  Here are some images of the last couple of days :


  1. Hi Fran! Looks loads of fun! I wish I was a good sailor myself, but am afraid I get sick at the first swell. Always have and probably always will. It looks such fun, and good to hear they had gained so much confidence in their sailing skills.

  2. Val - I can't admit to being a really expert sailor myself. I spent my time in a rescue boat, uprighting kids when they capsized. I really prefer bigger boats, ones where you don't spill your glass of wine everytime you tack1

  3. ROFL... I am so glad to hear this from both of you! Isn't it funny how people who practically live on water have these problems. You wouldn't believe the number of Venetians with boats who don't know how to swim. Seems impossible really.
    I was amazed to hear Federica Pellegrini, our female world record holder in a couple of freestyle swimmin records - admit to be afraid to swim in the sea!

  4. S'cuse typos and grammar - ouch!
    And let me just add that I have these problems too and that the cadets' results are fantastic, Fran!