Friday, 27 August 2010

High Tide

Twice a month the tide comes up really high and covers the road (the road is to the right on the first picture).  This means that we will not be able to get on or off the boat during this time as our walkway will be under water.  Not a problem we will just have to learn to live by the tide.  You always get somebody who gets caught out by the tide.  In the second picture the tide is actually on its way out, the water had been up to the car's doors and flooded in.  I did feel for the people, but there is a huge great sign saying 'Road Liable to Flood', I don't know why folks choose to ignore it so often. 


  1. Pleased to see we are not the only ones with this problem! I am surprised it happens so often down your way...

  2. Hi Janys, watching the cars under water is our Sunday spectator sport!!!! Five in one day is my personal record!

  3. Must be difficult if you have to get somewhere on a schedule. But I guess it is no different from having to work around wind storms to get up and down the lake. It only makes the time there more special. - Margy