Sunday, 15 August 2010

Getting Ready ...........

This lot was delivered last weekend.  You can see the celotex and the plywood, the rest of the wood is on deck.  Pete has got a couple of weeks off after next weekend and is hoping to have the wheelhouse up and all the rest of the new superstructure completed by the middle of September.  Once that is done we can really move on with fitting out the inside.  I will keep you posted.

Yesterday we went foraging and found loads of damsons and wild cherries.  I have spent all morning making damson jelly.  My kitchen smells wonderful and it is very satisfying to create something so delicious when you have got most of the ingredients for free!!!!  Next weekend I'll make blackberry jam and sweet chilli jelly and then we should be set for the winter as far as jams and jellies are concerned.  Chutneys are next on the agenda.


  1. Tell me more about the sweet chilli jelly! Sounds fascinating. Never heard of it, and what would you eat it with?
    Hope the weather holds up for Pete to get on with that big job he has ahead of him.

  2. I'm looking forwards to seeing the finished product.

    That celotex really does the job keeping the place cosy.

    One tip, in case you do not already know, use a really sharp knife to cut the celotex, rather than a saw.

    That way you don't get those fine fibres in the air, and all over the place.

  3. Tim - have passed the tip on to Pete and he said thank you.

    Janys - I love sweet chilli jelly. I am a veggie so I eat it with cheese, use it as a dip, coat halloumi cheese with it before bbqing. I brush lamb with it before roasting or on other meats before bbqing. Pete has it with cold meats. I also use it with salad, curries etc. I chuck it in chilli con carne (meat version and veggie). In fact I could really just eat it with a teaspoon. I'll send you a recipe if you like.

  4. Sounds like someone needs a "taster" for all these wonderful delicacies.

    Just for quality control you understand, a jar or two of each would suffice I'm sure.


  5. Billy, much as I would love to give you a couple of jars of goodies, I would hate it to be misinterpreted as bribery! Still, I will see what I can do, as long as you promise to keep it very quiet!

  6. Yes.... recipe is definitely in order! I use those sort of sweet and sour jam things a lot (and honey) on cheese, so assume that is the kind of thing you mean. Now my one jar of jam has been so successful, I feel I am ready to tackle your chilli jelly!

  7. Chris, nice to have you aboard, love the profile picture!!! x

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